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These awards can give you a different view among the other players and also give you a different level of respect in the game. Here below are listed all the awards and what are the requirements that are needed to receive them. You will see the achievement button on the right side by the info-box. There click on the button "Achievements". The awards you have received will be in color along with the date you have earned them. The ones that are in black and white are the ones you have not earned yet. You can see all this information in the player profile and can be seen by all the other players. So be careful what you do in the game because these awards will stay in your account for the time that you have been playing.


Picture Achievements
Commander.jpg Your First Commander

When the Command Center has been constructed +5 Diamonds

Fleet breaker.jpg Fleet Breaker

The min. 75% of the battles were at 33% exploitable Buildings.

First ally.jpg I am an Alliance Member

First entry into an Alliance

Faithful ally.jpg Till Death Do Us Part!

3 Months in the same Alliance

One kind.jpg Weapons Specialist Sergent

Has researched one of the Weapons type fully (e.X. Airforce)

All kinds.jpg Combat Weapons Specialist

Has researched all the weapons fully.

Croesus.jpg Croesus

Has the capital of $ (a Quintillion)

Scrooge mc duck.jpg Scrooge McDuck

Has the capital of $ Quintillion)

Master of war.jpg Combat Unit Commander

100 Battle wins

Powerseller.jpg Unit Quarter Master

500 sold Trade Offers

Headhunter.jpg Recruiting Sergeant Major

Recruited 10 Recruits

Builder.jpg Pioneer Staff Sergeant

Has one of every of the Buildings constructed

Big builder.jpg Pioneer Lt-Col Construction

Has all the Building extensions achieved

Too much spare time.jpg Specialist Combat Engineer Officer

Geology researched to level 99

Very important person.jpg Command Postion

Has a Post in a Alliance

Jim blond.jpg Master Intelligence Officer

Has 200 successful Espionage Operations completed

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