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Exhausted, he sank down into a heavy ruby red leather armchair. The efforts from the recent days have taken its toll. The exhaustion that spread in his mind and his body was almost life threatening. Like a blanket surrounding him and threatening to suffocate him. The small fire crackled in the fireplace in front of his weary feet and warmed his body.

While he gazed into the flame of the fire, he held the gruesome images of his deeds in his mind and in his eyes the bloody memories. He had collected all the newspaper clipping with reports on current developments in the political situation. All sorted and organized he kept them in a small leather case. These little faded pieces of paper were his history, his past, his present and his future. They symbolized for him the cornerstone of his work. As if hypnotized, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the small brown leather case. He carefully opened it and began to read what he had read hundreds of times before:

13. January 2012: Member countries of the European Union join together today to form a united Europe. From the press release it shows that the Eastern Block countries bordering the former Soviet Union have joined. Critics and experts see this development with skepticism fearing the collapse of relations with the Western world.

He remembered the day he was sitting with some close friends in a dark vault of an old country house. On local television sitting on a wooden table the message of the new united Europe had been sent. The first steps were already taken. Now like in a fantastic theater the world will play out there and all ranks of the governments from the old days will be like dolls and dancing like puppets on their strings.

21. June 2012: Parts of the Asian continent will speak today in favor of a close cooperation with the new united Europe. The British royal family criticized this move in the strongest terms.

27. June 2012: Today the former Soviet Union will follow the example of a the united Europe and join together again to form a powerful alliance. The United States of America and the British royal family have stopped any efforts to mediate.

He remembered how easy it was to be satisfied. He took a swivel from a cup filled with full-bodied cognac, which sat on a small side table next to the chair and then took a delicate sip. Twelve years have now passed since the Brotherhood went on their phenomenal crusade of the modern times. Fires were set on all sides that spread and were unstoppable until they were burned out. Then to inspect every inch of the terrain. He supported a united Europe and fought for the Western world, but took the whole thing with suspicious eye into account. The Asian states could propel these kinds of actions and have them right where they wanted them. Trapped like mice in a maze.

12. November 2012: Today, in the world the leaders of the Western world were hit with an attack. The American president was traveling with his family to a reception when he was fatally hit by a bullet. Experts are working feverishly and without rest to investigate and seize the offender.

Lost in his thoughts, he set aside the cup and thought of the attack that had been organized without having a clue or a face. The President was the match ...

14. November 2012: According to the investigation results there are several bombers who have ties to the upper levels of European government. The British royal family has assured the United States with its full support.

Even in the lodges of the ancient societies such as the Freemasons, Steinmetz Order, which had many fraternities and helpers and assistants. You could get them excited about their own cause and partially pay them for their actions.

21. November 2012: Today, all contact with countries around the world by the United States and Britain were canceled. Diplomats of the united Europe and the eastern states forces seek to mediate.

Again he looked into the fireplace and thought back to the year 2012 ... the end of this fateful year began the great battle, which came like a storm over the vastness of the ocean and everything broke down.

15. May 2013: Today in the early morning hours, countless military units are getting in position off the coast of England.

16. May 2013: Without warning or explanation, the air force and naval forces of the Western world team up against the united Europe. Shortly after the attack,the invasion took place off the coasts of Europe with millions of soldiers and military equipment present.

18. June 2013: The war reaches frightening proportions. All of the world powers and nations seem to be in war now.

In the years of the war they were all pretty well protected and were able to continue to move in secret.

20. June 2020: Now after more than seven years of total war, all functioning governments have fallen apart. The world has reached great lows and threatens to end.

The goal was just a step away. Seven years waiting for it. Seven years of blood shed until finally disappearing from the face of the earth. The United Europe had fallen, the Asian States withdrew and isolated themselves and keep for themselves parts of the former Soviet Union. All efforts were combined and the nations were pulled away from the flood of war.

05. December 2021: The collapse of all the government structures lead to an increased of individuals that moved into the light of the public to draw any of the veterans from the ongoing war onto their side. According to press releases there are certain cases involved concerning secret lodges which have set their target for world domination.

End of 2021 they had made it and began to replace the old powers with the new ones in order to restore confidence, but they had waited too long. Numerous bombs had changed the face of the world. The sea level rose and many countries have been wiped out completely. The islands were just bombed-out land masses. It has begun every where even on the smallest scraps of land to form small villages and establish their own states. He sighed deeply and slipped his arm back to the glass to the table.

12. February 2022: The state of the world today, since all the secret societies and known governments from all these years have been infiltrated by an unknown group to change the world.

From all the corners of the world, the bad news has been announced and exposed. A small slimy reporter who was at the right place and the right time made the impossible believed to be possible. The great goal of sole dominion has moved a great distance away. The last few days have been used only for documentation, destruction of secret structures and unnecessary witnesses. "Can we turn things around again and return to the old course?" He asked quietly. Lost in deep thought, he did not notice the wooden door of the room open, a figure like a shadow crept quietly behind his chair and covered him from behind fast. Even as he thought he would rather not leave this place and the plan for the world's next steps, right behind him stretched a piano string between two powerful hands from a mysterious figure. There was a threatening burn in his lungs and was feeling the weak, soon after he blacked out. Right before he knew one thing for sure: The time would come for the struggle for total control of the world. Now it is no longer up to him or his family, but will be decided and fought out between each individual.

15. March 2022: Soon after the identity of the leader of the unknown group was known. He was killed today by an assassin at his home near Paris.

29. June 2022: The fighting gradually was taken into known regions again. New self-proclaimed military leaders of these formations were recruiting and making their own individual countries and individual states. After years of wars it was confirmed that a new era has just begun and the struggle for world domination has been set.

And there will be men who will be in their secret quarters planning their next move for power. Just an old stage in a new theater.

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