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You'll be able to order your espionage units one of six options:

  • Defense: Provides a report of the defensive units of the opponent.
  • Units: A list of units you'll find in fleets 1–3 of your opponent.
  • Resources:A quantity of your opponent's resources at the time of the espionage
  • Buildings:Available at level 8 at your headquarters. It will give you information about your opponent's buildings.
  • Storage: : Available at level 20 at your headquarters. It will give you information about the stored units of your opponent.
  • Espionage Units: Available at level 25 of your headquarters.. You'll get information about the spy units of your opponent.

Remember: you can only spy a player that has a minimum of 67% and a maximum of 150& of your own points. You'll use Gold to spy a player. You can see the necessary amount of gold in Espionage Units.

If you spy out an opponent and your espionage-level is lower than the opponent espionage-defense, the opponent will receive a report about your country and you will lose all the spy units you sent. If your opponent loses he will forfeit 10% of his espionage units.


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