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Frequently Asked Questions = FAQ = A small amount of common questions and a brief answers about certain topics in the game.

What are the rules of the game?

You can find our rules in this wiki. This is the page: Rules of the Game.

I am getting an error message "Session has expired!" - What should I do?

Session expired

You must allow the cookies in the browser. In IE under Extras-Internet-options-Privacy set the slider right in the middle to medium. Under Firefox Extras--Setting Privacy-Cookies simply just check the box "Accept Cookies ". It can also be the setting in the firewall or the need for java script needs to be installed.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, you should login in game, in Landing page you will find the option for reset your password.

How can I get my password back or reset it?

Before you login into the game, you can find the option change your password or reset your password. You wll receive an email.

How can I delete my account?

You can erase your account in your profile inside the game. Before proceeding, the system will ask to confirm the deletion of your account. However, remember that if you chose to do this, you can't get your account or any of your game data back.

Are you being bullied by other players?

A game with thousands of active players is common ground for players to poke other players. If you are annoyed by another player, we suggest that you add them to your ignored list in your inbox. Most trolls are craving for your attention and if you don't feed them, they'll simply wither.

Is there a limit in the quantity of resources?

No, Desert Operations doesn't have a limit in the resources a player can gather.

Is kerosene, diesel or ammo used by defense units?

No, these resources are only used by attack units.

How can I transform Oil into Diesel or Kerosene?

Click the refineries and then resources. That will open a window where you can transform your resources.

How can I build new units or defenses?

Perhaps you need a special building or research before you have access to a new unit. When you build the University, you can check it out to see which buildings or researches you need to build whatever units or defences you're lacking.

How can I use my gold? And how can I transform it into money?

Gold is used to pay your espionage units like The Agent. The only way to transform gold into money is selling it in the trade market.

Will I get any points with my defense units?

No, defense units doesn't add to your points but the researches yo complete to get them do.

Are there any points for units, combats, or wars won?

Units doesn't add to points. However, if you send units to combat and you win, you'll receive a percentage of buildings (Skyscrapers, Mines, Residential Buildings, Factories and Refineries). Buildings add to your points. However, if you lose a combat, you will lose your buildings and you'll lose your points.


What is the minimum of units to attack?

There is no minimum of units to attack another player. However, you should be careful to not break our rules and do a pushing attack, which is considered illegal.

I lost 33% of my buildings, why if the maximum percentage of losses was supposed to be less?

This maximum percentage only applies for the defender. Even if the maximum loss percentage is 0%, an attacker can lose 33% of their buildings. Be careful before launching an attack and try to use the simulator to have a better understanding of the combat.

Is it possible to attack a blocked player?

If there is an attack in progress or already launched, and the player is banned for any reason, then the attack will develop normally. After receiving all the ongoing attacks, a blocked player can't be attacked again.

If a player has decided to delete their account, even if they appear as blocked, they can be attacked because, in theory, the ruler of their country don't really cares what happens to their people.

What does it mean “The proposed fight is a dishonorable act and not worthy of you!”?

The player you're trying to attack is not in attacking range. Try to attack another player who has, at least, a 67% of your points and no more than 150%. You can see in the ranking the players you can attack. They'll be in white.

Is it possible to lose all my buildings?

No. You'll always have at least one building of each type in your base.


Is it possible to send resources directly to another player?

No. Perhaps you could offer the resources in commerce that you want to transfer but there is the possibility that another player wins the same offer intended for a friend.

What is Trade pushing?

Trade actions that serve for the purpose of building up an account specifically with set up resources are prohibited. It is specifically prohibited to buy raw materials / units at a cheap price and the sell them back at an expensive back to the same players.

It is also prohibited if this type of trading is also done via a third player, it's no more valid where there is a fix trade of course. Where there isn't: player A buy oil when the trade is at 89% and sells when it's a 95% and it's done often and often. The trade is free, but if we see that a player is usual do it we block him Each type of targeted trading chains are prohibited. Generally you must either purchase or sell on the public market openly. Agreements to purchase raw materials / units on public trading for a targeted buy or seller are prohibited.The trade is free, you can agree a purchase but if you get benefit from it it's pushing.

It's the same with alliances resources: We will consider as direct pushing if a player transfer resources to his alliance's members and the same player buys them back (result= the player that received the resources gained money illegally) and it will be sanctioned with a ban and in same case the removal of any illegal resource from the account. It is only permitted to buy goods on the open market, when they are low and then at sell high provided that the commercial actions (buying or selling) is not discussed / targeted to the same or specific person.

If the support notices trade pushing being done, the resources can be deducted and the units and / or buildings can be reduced.

Summing up: trade pushing is known as ANY ACTION done by trade with the only purpose of transferring money or other resources illegally from one account to another one.


The geology level doesn't add 12%!

The geology level adds in a 12% to the production base level of your refineries multiplied by the geology level you have. For each refinery, you receive 200 barrels of oil. To make an example, we'll use a level 3 of geology and 100 refineries.

The correct calculation is:

Base Production + (Geology level * 12% of the base production)

Base Production = 100 (refineries) * 200 (barrels) = 20,000.

20,000 + [3 * (20,000 * 0.12)] = 27,200


20,000 + (12% of 20,000) + (12% of 20,000) + (12% of 20,000) = 27,200.

Remember, the 12% is not incremental. You shouldn't do the calculations like this:

20,000 + (12% of 20,000) = 22,400

22,400 + (12% of 22,400) = 25,088

25,088 + (12% of 25,088) = 38,099


Bank and Finances:

Interest are not deposited into my bank account

Interest generated by the bank are deposited to your external account, where you receive the money from your buildings. Interests aren't deposited into your internal account.

How do I control money problems in the game when I am in the Red and the bank at a minus?

There are a couple of possibilities: - You can try (if possible) to sell your units in the Trade - You can put the units to fight a stronger opponent and hope that he can destroy enough of the Units, so that you are back into the positive territory. You can also construct Buildings to increase your tick. - You can leave your Alliance and wait for someone to attack you. It will not be long for this to happen once other players know you have lost your alliance.

Research does not cost you anything to maintain and cannot be undone. It is only the attack force that runs a cost in the game, the (soldiers, tanks, planes etc.) will always affect your tick. Spy units and defense will not cost you anything.

Game bans and sanctions

Can I end my vacation days earlier?

No. The player must wait the time determined by himself.

I was banned unfairly in the chat. Can I be unblocked?

It's not possible to end a ban in our chat and our moderators doesn't ban players without a reason. Please, check our Chat Rules to avoid any problems. Remember that you have to respect the rules so the other players have a good time. If you are blocked, and you are a 100% sure that you have the reason, then you may contact our support team and let them know your case. They will investigate and if they determine that you were banned for the wrong reason, they will unban you from the chat. However, if support team determines that the mods were right in banning you and you broke the rules, they may extend the ban even further and even ban you from the game for a while to compensate for the time lost in the investigation.

Is it possible to get back an account blocked for multiaccounts?

If the system detects that several accounts were connected using the same IP address and there is not a trust pass involved, then the accounts will be banned permanently and it won't be possible to get back these accounts.

There's a SPAM window in the chat and I'm banned.

To help us prevent automated systems that could flood our chat channel, when you repeat a message or you do copy paste several times, the system will block you automatically for half an hour.

What is espionage harassment?

There are six available areas you can spy. When a player spies these different areas and doesn't get the 100% of precision or has succeeded, he or she may continue spying without being considered harassment.

However, there are some cases where spying can be considered harassment:

1) Player A sends spies to know the attack units of player B. If player A obtains a 100% and has succeeded, then player A shouldn't spy the attack units of player B again in at least 8 hours neither he should send more spies with the objective of losing because it's considered that he already knows how to beat his opponent, win the espionage and have a 100% precision.

2) Player A spies the Buildings of player B. After obtaining a 100% of precision, he sends another spy attack reducing drastically his own units to obtain a minor percentage so he can keep spying. This will be considered harassment, because it's clear that player A already knew how many spy units he needed to get a 100% precision in other areas.

3) Every player in an alliance is allowed to spy the six different areas until they obtain a 100% precision (but remember our first two rules. They still apply). Once they have obtained all the needed information, they should wait at least 8 hours before spying again. Reducing the number of units between alliance members to keep spying the same opponent is also forbidden.

If a player spies successfully different areas and its partners in an alliance repeat the espionages in less than 8 hours, it will be considered harassment because the reports are already available within the records of the alliance. Every player who belongs to the same alliance and doesn't respect these limits and regulations will be sanctioned.

Remember, if you decide to open a support ticket and ask for an investigation about espionage harassment, support will have the last word about the play and its sanctions.

Do not forget to send the links with the espionage reports you would like us to check so we can verify the information.

I see a window that says Username already taken.

Our chat server and our game server are not the same. Sometimes, a server has an online record about you and if your internet connection fails or drops, the chat server may register the failure slower and when you go back online to our game, the chat server will show you this message. Another reason could be that you're trying to open a second session in another device.

There are more players in my alliance channel chat room that those that are connected to the game.

Our chat server is totally independent from our game server. If a player is logged in our game for a while and he doesn't make any movement or transaction, the game will log him off automatically and he'll appear disconnected in the game server. However, the chat server might keep him online until he refreshes his browser.


How do I use my diamonds?

With the diamonds, you could have premium benefits in the game. The General rank, for example, has some bonus for the player. You can use them to shorten the building and researches time. Or you might use them to train units faster. You can also transform them into resources. Check our Diamonds page in the wiki to give you an idea.

I activated the Rank of General and I haven't received an SMS with the attack.

Please, verify that your mobile number is typed in an international format (ex.: +34123456789) and check our SMS Alerts page for more information.

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