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In this page we will add the important info for our latest updates:

Update for September 10th 2019

New features / Changes

  • Spy Fleets

To prepare for future updates and new content (with brand new options to spy), to avoid abuse and at the same time offer an ergonomic way to spy thoroughly an enemy, we are introducing spy fleets. They are limited to 6 and can be put together much like attack fleets. You can decide the order of spy units that constitute the fleets to determine which will face resistance first. You can now also apply bonuses to spy fleets from the diner (attack or defense) with the Loyalty Program. Please note: spy units in defense or in an idle attack fleet will defend in case of an incoming spy action. It is not possible to retreat your spy units in depot.

  • Loyalty Points

You have been collecting them for 8 days already. Soon, you will be rewarded for your efforts. In October, the Loyalty shop will launch with very useful options: you will be able to use your LPs to reduce time durations on buildings or productions tasks, convert LPs into diamonds, give yourself your own diamond bonuses, change your nick, get weather changes etc** Various specials will also be added frequently.

Remember: collect in September, spend these points in October while you collect the next batch etc.

  • Buildings Extensions

We are pimping up three buildings to give you more strategic options. The harbor now contains a dry dock area where you can speed up your naval units; the airport offers a new hangar in which aerial units can acquire better (lower) consumption rates; the tank grounds now has a test field in which you can reduce the fix cost of all ground units. But it’s not all! Once all these three buildings are upgraded to their max. level (10), you will be able to unlock a permanent fourth attack fleet in your HQ. More options, more action.

Note: Before activating the new building upgrades, we will release a temporary 4th fleet for all, on all worlds, with the next game event. After the event, the building upgrades will be available for you to unlock the permanent 4th fleet.

  • Quests

Halloween and Xmas quests are included in this update and will be activated at the right time. Careful, there will be some real challenge!

  • Diner Rework

The Diner has been setup for an easy access to the new options it offers. The premium units have been removed and can be accessed in your weapon factory. The daily quests also have their own menu in the building.

  • New World Selector

Nothing to say except that… It looks hot doesn’t it? Even more options will be added to it with the next update.


The price for the "weather change" with diamond will be adjusted to 60 diamonds

As always, the game core has been improved for quicker and more logical behaviors. Minor fixes were removed and several areas were technically improved for an optimal gaming experience.

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