War Blitz

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War Blitz

Reset every 30 days Research and Geology are 60% faster (Bank is not included) Construction: Maximum 1,000 each will be built. To get more buildings you will have attack an adversary. Interest will be credited every 12 hours There is no beginner protection in the first two weeks In the first two weeks you can build up to nine buildings at a time. Meaning you can set construction orders for 9 at one time. Alliance: Alliances taxes are off for two weeks. Max. Exploitable:: 33% 33% 25% 15% 5% 0% The vacation time is limited and will be displayed in the setting. You will be able to see the amount of days you can possible take. The last 2 weeks you will not be able to go on vacation.

Another game world? Yes! But this time it will not be just a regular game world- It's a blitz! Just with the name alone, you can see that there will be something very different about it. The wars will come and go. This is how the War Blitz will be played. When the end of the war time comes, then only will there be a new start all over again! The new round-based world game will be based on a 90 day period. Then the round will be restarted and each player must work his your way back to the top from zero once again. So that each player during the current round has enough time to explore all the different branches of services available. The required research times have been shortened dramatically. The effort will be worthwhile for all of the generals and at the end of each round you can receive unique achievements. You will receive the achievements on the War Blitz world and the regular world you are currently playing on. What are these awards? They will be as follows:

For the first three places in the ranks (according to the player's score)

Mission accomplished, Sir!

Hot Shot

War Blitz-Hero

And there is also achievements for the members of the top three ranked alliances:

Soldier from a succesfull company!

Soldier from a glorious company!

Soldier from a victorious company!

The other participants will also receive an award:

I Survived the Blitz

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