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As the name implies, the program rewards your loyalty. But what is being loyal in Desert-Operations?

The answer is simple: being loyal is playing the game.

Therefore, we have decided to track the following actions and to reward them accordingly. The more you do them, the more you will be rewarded with Loyalty Points:

1. Win Attack (defending and attacking);

2. Win Espionage actions (also defending and attacking);

3. Buy Diamonds;

4. Use Diamonds (bought and earned/given).

These four actions will add loyalty points to your account. Every month, for one month, you will be collecting these as long as you do some of the four mentioned actions.


What is the Loyalty Program?

The Loyalty Program is an addition to the game, that tracks some of your actions to reward you with points that you can turn into interesting items and various advantages.

What actions are being tracked and rewarded?

We are focusing on four game actions which are spying, attacking, buying and using diamonds.

Who can earn Loyalty Points

Everybody can, as long as they are playing the game and doing one of the four mentioned actions.

Do I need to buy anything?

Not at all.

What is being loyal?

Being loyal is showing your true interest and engagement in the game. We feel a player that plays hard, invests time, participates in events, helps us keep the game alive is therefore loyal to it. And we want this loyalty to be appreciated to its true meaning: by being measured and rewarded accordingly.

Ok, this sounds interesting but how does it work in detail?

We designed it to revolve around calendar months for maximum usability. On the 1st of every month, the collection period begins. These points are credited by the actions we listed, and added to your account. They cannot be used until the month is over. But the points you earned already, the month before, these can be used, and they should be! During the collection period, you can use the points collected during the preceding period. Just keep one thing in mind: you collect for a month, and then you spend these points the next month. If you didn’t use all your points before the month ends, they disappear. We have divided the LP’s page in two separate parts, for the points you are collecting and the ones you already collected and can use, so it’s clear and doesn’t generate any confusion.

How much LP’s can I collect?

There is no limit but the sky. You can earn as many points as possible within the monthly period.

How much points give the different actions that you track?

This is something unfortunately too technical to simply answer, as we have designed the system to make sure every player can get a benefit from it. The most important aspect here is that in every game world and country, every player will stand the same chances as his opponents, and all his actions will reward him the same way by granting him access to the same offers in the end.

In time, certain actions may also be « boosted » such as, for example: attacks or spies, to credit more points to go along with a dedicated event etc.

How will the offers I buy with LP’s work?

It depends on the offer. Go into the diner, buy something you want, need or like with LP’s, and it will be activated on the spot. Depending on the item, the effect will last from a few hours to the end of the current month.

For example: you buy a weather change. As soon as bought, it will last for x hours as mentioned on the item. You bought a diamond boost, which credits an extra diamond % on purchases: this will work on any purchase you make, from the moment you buy this item with LP’s until the current month is over.

Why is this a month-to-month thing and why do unused points disappear?

We think this is how we can propose a fair and balanced feature. We wanted to prevent players to pack up on LP’s infinitely and, while keeping the program rewarding for every type of players, making it also challenging enough to keep it interesting and balanced at the same time. All in all, this is simply rewarding you for playing, what you’ve been doing without reward for sometime, and there’s really no reason to be suspicious ;)

Aren’t Diamond buyers gonna get an even greater advantage than before?

No! While buying diamonds always gives you an advantage, we designed the Loyalty Program so thatplaying is the real advantage. However you play, however you like to play, do it, just do it, and get rewarded for it.

Isn’t this just a way to get me to play more, to get me to buy more?

We didn’t want the program to be an incentive, but a reward. However, to be fair, we decided not to reward every player with the same amount of LP’s regardless of how and how much they played, but to reward their real engagement, their real loyalty to its true level. Some players will get more LP’s than others and that’s intended. What you need to know is that the program wasn’t designed to force you to go beyond the way you play now to start rewarding you. It is based on the way you play now to reward that. But of course, nothing prevents you from going all out and beyond, if you want to get more from the program ;)

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