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The Playing Field

You'lll be redirected to our game after you register. Your base will look pretty similar to the image in the right side. Don't worry, everything you need to know will also be explained thoroughly in this guide. When you begin to play, just follow the instructions that appear in the first windows.

The image in the center are your headquarters. This is where the fun begins and it will be vital for any action that you chose to do for your game.



The top row has a list of your raw materials. There is Oil, Diesel, Kerosene, Ammunition, Money, Gold and Diamonds. To the right you'll see how many points you have in the game. When you begin the game, you'll start with no points but don't worry about it, this will change in a jiffy.

The bottom row is the menu bar that allows you to access other screens in the game. In your base you can see your income and expenditure for the various raw materials and the amount you are currently producing. The right column, is a menu that contains your information center and there you will find information about your account such as the name of your base and your place in the the rankings. You can also find useful links to the in-game help and a link to contact game support. You will also see and image that informs how is the weather in the game world, which will play a pretty important role as you progress. This area also includes deployment time for building progress, attack and espionage missions.

To the left side, you'll see the chat column. There you can chat about the game with other players. Be respectful and follow the Rules. The community is usually friendly. You can ask for help and state any beginner questions you may have about the game and there is a good chance that someone will reach to help you out.


Building Details

The Base is you center of operations as a player. There you will build and complete your Buildings, do Research to open many game options and you'll also train the Troops that you need to start launching your Campaigns.

Whenever you click a clear field or a building, this will open up the right side menu. There you can see a larger picture of the building and a brief description. You can also see the amount it will cost to construct the building and the amount of time it will take.

The number beside the name of the Building indicates how many buildings of this type you have in your possession. Some Buildings can only be built once, some others you can build as many and as often as you like.

When you click the button in the center, it will open a window where you can perform the desired actions. You will also see how many buildings you can start according to the available amount of money inside your Bank Account.

Account- Information


In the top right corner you will find your account-information. There you will find your coordinates and your score in the rankings.

There you'll also find the Achievements menu. If you click the Achievements button you will see a list of the ones you have accomplished and which ones are in progress. Right next to this menu, is the Recruit-Your-Friends button. There you will see the number of players you have brought to the game. For every recruit you invite into the game that becomes active, you will get some diamonds as reward. When you click on this field, you will get more information and the procedure for recruiting.


Main article Weather

Weather in the beginning of the game plays a small role. However, as you progress, it will be more important. It will define how you attack and spy on other players. The weather will determine how long it will take to for an attack to arrive. It will also be important in commerce, when you deliver or receive goods from trade deals you make with other players. The weather changes automatically every 22 minutes.

Friends List

Friends List

To add a friend to your list, just click on the friends button and a box will appear. Then you enter your friends name and click on the plus button. When you have friends, you'll see them in a list below this box, this is an overview of all of your friends. The players whose name is green indicate that they are online.

If you hover your mouse over a name, two icons will appear: a cross and a palm tree. Clicking on the palm tree next to your friend, it will give you its sector view and his/her location. The cross will give you the option to remove a friend from your list.


In the memo option you can write notes that you do not want to forget about the game. This is useful when trading or planning attacks on different targets.

Just click on “Memo”, write your note and then click on “Save”. The note is stored until you delete it or revise it.


The menu can be found on the right menu column, at the bottom. This option won't appear until you have your first Battle or Spy attack against another player. Then a list of your latests Battle Reports and Spy Reports will appear.

Game Help

When you click on the “Game Help”, you will be able to find a synthesis of information about the game that you may need in a rush. The game help also has much information of the Wiki for this game and tables of useful information. You can also access all the tables of useful information in game; these tables are always updated with the latest changes.


Here you will find the link that makes it possible to contact support whenever you have a problem related to something technical or if you need an answer about the games rules. If somehow you find players that do not follow the rules or are cheating, you can send a “Request” into support through this link and they will make an investigation. Remember to be as detailed as possible to help them give you a swift answer.

If you have questions or have found a bug, you can also read our forums, where you could find an answer to your question. In our forums you can also ask questions and receive answers from other players. The log-in data is the same as the one you use for your game account and there is no need to create a new one.

Sector and Sector Map

Island View
World Map

When you click the sector map button, you will see your base and the sector that it is located in. In each sector, there will be a maximum of 6 bases. Depending on its status, each base will be surrounded by a circle of a different color.

If this circle is white, it means that the base is out of reach and it cannot be spied or attacked. If the circle is grey, then you can launch an attack or spy this player. When you hover your mouse cursor over another base, you will see this information: the owner of the base, how many points the player has, their Alliance (if they belong in one), if they have a pact with other Alliance (PNA) and if it can be attacked.

When you click other player's base, a small option window will open (right screenshot) and you may click any of its icons to perform an action:

  • Weapon icon: Attack the player
  • Binoculars: Spy the player
  • Note Pad: Write a message to the player

If you double click the base, you'll see its player profile.

If you click on the top left corner, on the globe icon, you will be taken to the Sector map. In this view, you will see all the other sectors on the different continents and you can use the mouse to drag and move the map around.

In this view you can see in which continent you are. By clicking on the arrow on the top you can change the view and look at different continents. If you click on a sector, you may view details of the bases that are there. On the bottom right corner of the sector map, is a compass which you can also use to move around in the sector map. In the middle, you'll find the “HQ” button which can be clicked on to go directly back to your headquarters.

Player Profile


You can use the profile to learn details about any player. You can view a player's profile from the sector view by double clicking on the base, on its name in the ranking list or in the alliance overview.

Inside the profile, you can read information that the players provide about themselves and also you can see their game's progress. For example, you can glance what awards or achievements the player has received or which Alliance he belongs too. There is a field for “Personal” information which every player can fill out to their best interest and there is a space for a profile picture. You will also see the three icons to perform an action that were explained in the sector view (attack, spy and communicate).


The Rank List shows the rank of the players in the game according to their score. On the right side, you may select which type of Rank List you want to see. The lists are updated every 30 Minutes. The “players by battle” rank list updates differently, and its numbers are calculated depending on the last 30 Days actions.

Alliances will not be listed in the Ranks until they are conformed by 10 members. You can use the blue arrows to navigate the alliance ranking list. When you click on an Alliance's name you will see information about it. You'll also see its members identified by a color depending on certain factors. A green color indicates that there is a pact between the player's alliance and yours. Color blue means that there is a Non-Agression Pact (NPA) between your alliance and theirs. Red means that you are at war.

White means that you can attack the player and you have enough points to do that. Gray means that you can't attack the player because the points between both don't match.

Sometimes you'll see different icons next to an user name:

  • Green point: The player is online.
  • Sun: The player is in vacations mode.
  • Lock: the player was locked by support
  • Lock with a green arrow: The player has erased the account but hasn't confirmed the elimination. The account can be activated anytime.

Message system

Using our message system you can communicate with other players or read messages they send you. The communication is private. With the “Global Mail” button, you can send a message to every player in your Alliance. In the top menu, you'll find the “DO-NEWS” button / section, which will show you messages that are meant to be announcements for all players, messages that include game updates or upcoming events.

Next to your Inbox, you'll see a number that indicates how many new messages you have received since your last login. That way you'll know faster if there is any important news you may have missed while you were gone.

Also, in the top menu, you'll see listed the battle, espionage and trade reports. A new message is represented by an icon of an envelope opened and a note coming out of it, like waiting to be read.



When you click the gears icon, you'll access to the game config where you may change some settings to your liking.

You can't upload a profile image in our game servers, but you need to use a free or hosted image service instead. Perhaps you can use img.url, flickr, or a similar service. Then copy and paste the image url inside this box, save your settings and people will be able to see the profile image you have chosen. If you need help with uploading an image, ask in the chat and search our forums, that way you'll find an answer and it will help you decide which free hosted image service is the best for your needs.

The BR-Automatic and SR-Automatic ensure that reports are sent automatically to your alliance so all your alliance team members may see the reports.

The Show Tutorials option activate or deactivate the first tutorials of the game. The next options are pretty self explanatory. In this window, you can also enter vacation mode or delete your account (be very sure about this, because it's forever).

IMPORTANT: You must be very careful with the personal information that you share through your profile, because it may be seen by every player in the game. Don't worry about your cell phone number or your mobile number, that one is private and it can't be seen by other. Also, try to be respectful of the game rules when you're choosing your country name and an avatar or picture for your profile; if you need more information about this, please read the Game Rules.



In the left side of the game, you may see the chat column. There you may ask questions about the game, chat with other players, get to know them and make friends with someone in the community. The first message you'll receive is “Welcome to the Global Lobby”. On the top side of the chat, you can click the name of the channel to choose another one if you want. Also, you'll see the number of players connected in that channel. Please, respect the rules of each channel, be mindful of other players and have fun.

To chat with other players, click in the bottom section of the chat, write your text and push enter to send it. When you send it, you'll see your name in color blue. The rest of the players will be displayed in white color and the moderators in green. If you read anything in the chat that is not respectful for other players or breaks the game rules, you may inform the moderators so they can take action.

Whenever you want to chat with members of your alliance, there's an exclusive channel for you. Just click the top menu inside the chat, where the channel name is, and you'll see it listed.

Also, if you ever need to make the chat font bigger, just click the magnifier icons and set it to your preferred size. If you click the arrows, you'll open up a new window and the chat will occupy the full size of your screen.

Please, be aware of our game rules. You will find them in the bottom right corner in a section called Chat Rules or you will find them in its own section of this wiki.

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