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In the beginning of the game the Battle sequence is deactivated. To set the order you must do it in the Military-Overview in the (Command Center > Military) to activate. To set it you simply click on the top right "Sequence On".

And now in the fleet overview and in the defensive fleets a category with a "R". next to the fleets information. Here you can select the number and which Units will fight first. The units with the smallest amounts will fight first.

This function later on in the game is very important, when you have many more units available. This feature will determine whether you will have a victory or a loss.

Since every unit cannot fight against each other, you must decide which Units you will use and the best order to set the units. If you have spied out the person, you can set the order according to the report. The Spy Report will not state the order of the opponent's units.

Here are two small example of the order the fleet should be set:

  1. If the opponent has a large number of Water Mines, you should set units in the first fleet that will fight against them. It would be a bad idea if the Ballistic U-Boot Typhoon-Class are all in the first fleet and are not able to fight against the water mines
  2. A player sets up the Air Weapons to fight the other air units, here is an example the F22 Raptor or the Eurofighter Typhoon, Then you should not want the bomber in the first position, instead of the AA Tank Gepard Radar G.

What is the best sequence order and what units should be in the different fleets, you will learn with time. In the beginning you will not have all the units available so it will be much easier to manage. What units fight each other you will see in the Cross Table. this you will find in the right under "Game Help". If you are in an Alliance, the will help you with advise and support.

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