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The Diamonds are part of the Premium feature in the Game. You can gain Diamonds by purchasing them or by recruiting other player to the Game. Diamonds are very important, they can be exchanged for Resources, shorting construction and much more.


To be able to purchase Diamonds, Click on the large star in the HQ screen. Then you can click on the Button „Purchase Diamonds“. This will open a new window, there you will select a payment method and then the amount you wish to purchase.

Note the Diamonds do not cost the same with each of the different payment methods. It is a good idea to compare the amounts and then make a decision. After the purchase has been completed the Diamonds are credited right away.

Exchange of Commodities

You can exchange you Diamonds in the "Exchange Diamonds" and convert them to the desired resource you require. You will always receive half of the days tick in the exchange. For the Money the Tick and the cost of the Troops will determine the exchange. The greater that your grooss income is the higher the exchange will be for the Diamonds. With the slide bar or by typing in the amount you can see the amount you will receive for the exchange of the Diamonds.

General Status

Advanced Notebook

When you have the Generalstatus, you will receive many features that will make the Game a little easier. It costs ten Diamonds for 30 days with no subscription!

With the General Status you will receive these features:

  • SMS Alerts when there is an Attack or Espionage ( every 30 Min. max. 2 SMS)
  • Agent: The Agent will construct while you are offline.
  • Battle Simulator: With a few clicks you can predict battles
  • Advanced Memo Pad
  • Price-Percentage in the Trade is displayed in (red squares in the bottom right of the picture)

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