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Chat's etiquette refers to your behavior in our in-game chat, even when sending messages to another players. Follow these rules and you'll avoid sanctions or problems with other players. We also recommend that you have a good time.

  • 1.Be respectful to other players and be nice to them. Be kind and others will return this kindness.
  • 2. When you login to a channel in our in-game chat, before participating, try to read everyone else to know what they're talking about. Perhaps there's an interesting trade in progress or news worth talking about. Introduce yourself when you have a general feeling of the table.
  • 3. Do you like flirting? Well, it's pretty possible that other players don't enjoy this. If you don't receive a positive response, please stop and don't insist.
  • 4. Everyone has days of bad temper, but don't use this against other players. If you have a bad day, don't upset everyone else.
  • 5. Help the rookies! When a newbie logins in the chat for the first time, try to remember your first days in it. Were you helped by someone? Try to do the same for the others.
  • 6. When you specifically address someone, do it using their username in the chat. Write their name with your message, so they can see better your message.
  • 7. The chat was meant to be for fun and a place to relax. However, keep in mind that certain things that can be funny for you, can be in a bad taste for others. Be careful with polemic themes or black humor.
  • 8. Do not coerce or harass other players to share their personal information. That is strictly forbidden. If someone wants to speak with you, they will give you their information willingly.
  • 9. CAPS, smileys and other type of message characters can be used as long as they help to emphasize something in your message. However, don't use them constantly, don't spam them or flood them, because you may upset other players.
  • 10.Profanity is strictly forbidden. Words that refer to violence, adult content of sexual nature or racism will be punished.
  • 11. If a player is breaking the chat rules, just ignore him and report the problem to the Chat Mods or to support (Support will only act on SEVERE cases).
  • 12. Don't choose an username that is offensive to other players or has the purpose to annoy them. Of course, violent, racist and pornographic names will be blocked.
  • 13. Alliance and trade subjects are only allowed with certain limitations (don't repeat the offer, don't harass players with your offers, don't use flood, spam, etc) and must be done in Lobby and Lounge. In US servers, trade and alliance subjects are allowed with certain limits: don't repeat the offer in at least 2 hours, don't harass players with your offers, don't use flood, spam, etc, but is also preferred that you try to keep these subjects in the Lobby and/or Lounge chat channels.
  • 14. Chatting in our channels does not mean anonymity. The system records your IP address, your chat-logs and that is the only thing we need to investigate who you are. In extreme cases, if you break the game, we will take legal action using every information at our disposal.
  • 15. Spam or flood are forbidden. Spam is the action of using the chat to announce other services or games. Flood is the repetition of phrases, characters in one or several text lines. Some channels have an automatic filter going on and if you break the rules, it will be blocked automatically.
  • 16. Hyperlinks are not allowed in the chat, it doesn't matter what room or what hour it is. If you need to share something or look for a specific link, please use our forums. The chat is strictly to have a conversation. Contingency tables, battle and spy reports can't be published in our chat. There are a lot of in-game links that offer help to the players in case they need it.
  • 17. Do not advertise other games in our in-game chat. If you are interested in other game besides ours, you can go visit it without interrupting ours
  • 18. If you're in the US /UK server, please communicate in English. Other languages aren't allowed. If you wish to speak in other language, please do it in a private channel or through private messages with your friends or alliance.
  • 19. If you like debating about some specific topics, it's ok but remember that our in-game chat is meant to be a place where players can have fun and relax. Not all players will be in the mood of debating or discussing. Not everyone is entitled to have the same opinion as you. Avoid insulting others. If a delicate topic gets out of hand, then a moderator may decide to start banning people to give the channel room a space to breath.
  • 20. A chat moderator can decide to close a subject if he or she considers it inappropriate or delicate enough. A mod may sanction you without a notice although he will state the reason of your ban in the chat if this happens.

Game Rules

Game rules are the same for ALL players.

  1. If a player discovers a bug in the game, he or she should report it immediately to our support team. The report needs to be as detailed as possible so we can replicate the error. Our tech team will investigate the error so they can patch it and they will investigate if other players have benefitted from this and take appropriate actions. Every error or bug reported will be rewarded. The reward will be decided by our support team.
  2. The dishonest development of an account through commerce and attacks known as “pushing”, will be strictly forbidden; even if it’s only an attempt it will be penalized. Attacks with the purpose of transferring buildings from an account to another aren't allowed and if it's detected, the combat and commerce activities will be revoked. Our support team has the final word to determine if an action is considered “pushing” as well as the appropriate sanction for each case. More info in our FAQ Section
  3. Accounts created with the only purpose of transferring resources to other player are forbidden.
  4. It's forbidden to coerce other players to attack or take action in any kind of activities within the game. It's forbidden to coerce other players to manage alliance funds through threats and not the use of diplomacy. Any game action that is derived through bullying and its repercussions could be cause of sanction for every player involved. The buildings that are derived from normal attacks doesn't count in this rule.
  5. Sitting is not allowed. Sitting is the action of managing third parties accounts. This will also be sanctioned.
  6. Support will act as fast as possible to solve any request. However, if you have any complaint about our support team, you are invited to email our QA department: Please don't forget to include your ticket ID so they can review thoroughly any problem related to your ticket.
  7. It is forbidden to bully other players through useless military actions. This includes: - Spamming private messages to one or more players - The sending and subsequent withdrawal of more than 6 attacks or spyings within 12 hours - Sending more than 6 spies in a time period of 12 hours. More than 6 spy attacks within a shorter period will be sanctioned. - If a player has not reached the full precision in spying or is unsuccessful in spying, he can perform an additional sensibly selected espionage for the spied category, without beeing sanctioned. However, it must be visible that with this second spying, the player has deployed a number of units that should significantly increase the precision of his spying. - However, if a player has already achieved a 100% precision in a category, it is to be assumed that he knows how many units are required for 100% precision. He should therefore not subsequently send a considerable reduced number of spy units in order to obtain a lower percentage of precision, with the purpose to be allowed to continue spying. - This former rule is also applied to alliances. This means that the members of an alliance should pay attention to the spying which have already been done within the alliance. You should avoid spying on a player in a category that has already been spied by another member of the alliance within the last 12 h. If this is reported to us, it can be considered and sanctioned as a harassment. It is up to the support team to decide if this is considered as harassment and punished as such. - If an attacked player has reached 0% (buildings) and has nothing left to lose, subsequent attacks can be sanctioned if reported. It is up to each player to assess their strength and attack. Our support team has the final say, whether this is an action that needs to be sanctioned
  8. We only allow one account per user! Multiaccounts are not allowed and they will be banned instantly!
  9. Trust pass: if you share an internet connection with a player, please, before doing anything, send a ticket to support to ask for a trust pass. Do this as soon as possible before being considered a multiaccount or you may not get an opportunity.
  10. Be civil: We don't allow any kind of pornography or extremely violent graphic material. Don't use this for any of your actions: wether is a message, something in our game chat, your profile picture, your user name, your country's name. This simply is not allowed and measures will be taken.
  11. Scripting, autoupdating and any kind of automatic action controlled by a computer program, a script, or similar, is not allowed. Any type of automatic process is not allowed and it will be sanctioned.
  12. We don't allow attacks of guard and protection. Attacks that are planned with the purpose to diminish the percentage of maximum possible losses or to block attacks against other player will be sanctioned.
  13. Quitting or leaving an alliance: When a player quits or is expelled from an alliance, he shouldn't be attacked 48 hours prior his leaving. The player that is leaving shouldn't attack members of his former alliance in this period of time. The same principle applies to the leader of an alliance that is eliminated with the purpose of attacking its members. This activities will be considered pushing. This rule only applies to members of said alliance and it won't affect members of alliances that have diplomatic treaties.
  14. Premium services are meant for your personal account. It's not allowed to pay other players to buy diamonds, transform them into resources and transfer them through commerce to other players.
  15. Accounts are individual and can't be sold or transferred. This is not allowed. Also, it's forbidden to pay real money to other players for their help and if we detect or suspect this happens, the account will be promptly terminated.
  16. Please, remember that if you have something to report, you must do it as quickly as possible. We do not arbiter illegal plays after seven days of their occurrence. We also ask the players to make individual reports. We do not usually investigate or attend support tickets that are made in name of other players.

Game Penalties

These sanctions are only a guide for the player. Each support member may sanction differently depending on a series of factors: repeating offences, behavior, and etcetera. If there is any complaint about how support handles a case, please copy and paste your original ticket as well as your ticket ID or REF number, and write our QA Team so they can help you:

Managing other accounts (Sitting):

  • First offence: Ban for two days for both users.
  • Second offence: Ban for four days for both users.
  • Third offence: Possible Permanent ban for both users.


  • Any suspected attacks will be revoked and a 4 day ban.
  • If this happens a second or third time, support may ban you permanently.

Insults, vulgar language, offending other players:

  • First offence: Ban for 1 day.
  • Second offence: Ban for 2 days.
  • Third offence: Ban for 4 days or it might be permanent.



Using trust pass to commerce between trusted accounts:

  • First offence: Ban for 3 days and trades revoked.
  • Second offence: Possible Permanent ban.

Using trust pass to do pushing attacks:

  • The battles will be revoked, you'll be banned and we'll eliminate the trust pass.

Do not ever ask for a trust pass to cheat. We will eventually notice and we could ban you permanently if we confirm it. We like to trust our players. We like to trust our community. Don't use this to betray our confidence in you. Country's names, descriptions and profile pictures:

  • First offence: Change of user name or description.
  • Second offence: Ban for one or two days.

Guard attack:

  • First offence: Ban for two days
  • Second offence: Possible Permanent ban

Using bugs or game errors for benefit:

  • First offence: Ban for two days
  • Second offence: Possible Permanent ban

Forum spam, forum multiaccounts or misbehavior:

  • First offence: Warning.
  • Second offence: Ban for one day (game).
  • Third offence: Ban for two days (game).

Letting support know: if a player knows or suspects he did a wrong play or confess a misbehavior in their game, the banning could be reduced to a half as long as the player communicates their fault first. However, if the player is reported or support catches the fault first, then the sanction will be applied in its full capacity. In case of a permanent ban, this won't apply.

PS: Support will have the liberty to evaluate if a player is blocked or only gets a warning. All rules are under the evaluation of the support team, who will always have the last word about what actions will be taken.

Chat Sanctions

Moderators will decide best how many time to mute a player.

This guide is only a reference. Moderators may ask help from support any time that they decide they can't give an appropriate sanction for a fault.

  • Vulgar language: 30 minutes to 1 day.
  • Offences, pornographic links, extreme violence, fascism and/or nazi topics: 2 hours to 1 day.
  • Alliance and commerce transactions in the global channel: First time there will be a warning, next 2 hours to 1 day.
  • Racism or graphic sexual messages: 24 hours.
  • Forbidden hyperlinks or mentions to other games: 24 hours.
  • Spam / Flood: 30 mins - 24 hours.
  • Communicating in other languages than English in the public channels (in the US/UK servers): 30 minutes to 1 day.

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