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Arrowmaster User Page

Please use my Talk page to leave me comments and messages.

I will be working on some useful stuff now in user sub-pages.

I hope that User:Figapu (bureaucrat, administrator) or User:Johnsoberany sees this information and considers giving me the right permissions to assist with updates to this wiki?

For example, I am currently unable to upload graphic files to my user area; the current setting seems to be for public area (and that appears to be disabled):

Upload warning

The upload directory (public) is not writable by the webserver.

I have been in contact with User:Johnsoberany John Soberany (Looki UK/USA server admin) via Skype and offered my help. The wiki is a great improvement over the previous one, but I notice that some things are not correct for the English version and some information is missing.

My updated information pages

Here are some pages that I have created with updated information, as sub-pages to my user area. I have done them this way as I currently do not have the right permissions to update the master pages, and updated graphics have been linked to my photobucket account, as not able to upload thme to the wiki either.

Useful External Links

Psudo Internal Links

Real External Links

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