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Building Techtree
Command Center

The buildings

If you have been following this guide in order, you already know how to start construction in your buildings. In the beginning, there's only a few type of structures you can build. You'll unlock more advanced ones as you progress in your game. Some buildings, when you have finished their construction, can be upgraded.

To see which buildings you can build, please take a look to the building tree diagram to the right or you may check the game's help.

You can also add numbers to certain structures by building more of the same type. However, the cost of each building will rise in a 20%. At first you'll only see how much it costs to build an additional structure, but when you add more to the number, the costs will exponentially rise and the game will show you the total. Other buildings have upgrades that improve your units, like a higher attack power for some of your troops.


The durations and costs are always based on the first building.

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