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Desert Operation Documentation

As the ruler of a small base, you must fight against thousands of other players or team up with them using your diplomacy skills. You have a variety of possibilities to develop your country and to protect it against enemy attacks.

Objective of the Game

The goal of this game is to develop a smart strategy to destroy as many of your enemies as possible and accomplish a high score to reach a top place in the ranks. Will you be the number one? Are you there yet? It doesn't matter because there will always be new problems coming at you! Your greatness will always be challenged and the rankings will change constantly. Alliances can be broken and may declare war at any time.


  1. The Background
  2. The Playing Field
  3. The Start
  4. The Commodities
  5. The Research
  6. The Buildings
  7. The Units
  8. The Attack
  9. The Espionage
  10. The Trade
  11. The Diamonds
  12. Loyalty points
  13. The ABC of Alliances
  14. Achievements
  15. The War Blitz
  16. The Rules
  17. FAQ
  18. Updates / Changelog

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