The Playing Field

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The Playing Field

After you log-in, you will go directly into the game. The view will be something like the (picture on right). But do not worry, I'll tell you everything you need to know. In the beginning you should just follow the information that is available to you by the in-game tutorial. The big empty space will become your base. It is the center of attention. From here you will perform almost all the actions in the game later on.



The row on the top has the list of your Raw materials. There is Oil, Diesel, Kerosene, Ammunition, Money, Gold and Diamonds. To the far right after the two green arrows are your points in the game. Of course right now it reads 0, but this will change fast and faster than you can read the entire manual.

Below the row of your raw materials is the menu bar that allows you to access other screens in the game. In your base you can see your income and expenditure for the various raw materials and the amount you are currently producing. To the right is your information center, there you will find information about your account such as the name of your base or your place in the the rankings. You can also find useful links under game help and link to contact the support on the left of the screen if you ever have a problem. By the way you will also find the Weather displayed there, which will play a bigger role a little later on. This will include deployment time for the Attack and Espionage missions.

On the left you will find the chat. There you can have the chance for conversation about the game with other players. Be friendly and follow the Rules. Weather it is you or another player with a question, you can ask for help and state any beginner questions you may have about the game.


Building Details

The Base is the center of your Account. There you will build and complete your Buildings, Research and the Troops that you need to start launching your Campaigns.

If you click on an open field or a building, this will open up the right side menu. There you can see a larger picture of the building and a brief description. By the way there, you can also see the amount it will cost to construct the building and the amount of time it will take. The number beside the name of the Building indicates how many buildings you have of this type. Some Buildings can only be built once, others you can build as many as you would like and as often as you like.

When you click the button in the center it opens a window where you can perform the desired actions. You can see the amount possible to build according to the available amount in your Bank Account.

Account- Information


In the upper right hand corner you will find your account-information. There you will find your coordinates and your rank in the rankings.

There you will also find the field Achievements. If you click there on the button you will see which achievements you have accomplished and also the ones that you have not achieved. Right next to the Achievements is the Recruits (Friends) button. There you will see the number of players you have brought to the game. For every recruit you bring in to the game that remains active, you will receive Diamonds for them. When you click on the box you will see more information on recruiting and what are the procedures.


Main article Weather

The weather in the beginning does not play a role. The first time it will be important is when you attack or spy on a player. The weather will determine how long it will take to for the attack to arrive. This will also play a role in the trade and the delivery or receiving of goods from the trade deals with the other players. The weather changes every 22 minutes.

Friends List

Friends List

To add a friend to your list just click on the friends button and a box will appear. Then you enter your friends name and click on the plus. In your friends-list, you will have the overview of all of your friends and the players that are in green will indicate that they are on-line. Before a frien is added it must be approved but the friend.

If you go with the mouse over the name there will appear at the end of the name a palm tree and a cross. Clicking on the palm tree next to your friend, it will give you the sector view and location of your friend. The cross will give you the option to remove them from your list.


In the memo option you can enter all of the notes that you do not want to forget about the game. This is useful when trading or planning attacks on different targets.

Just click on "Memo", then write your note and then click on "Save". The note is stored until you delete it or revise it.


The menu can be found on the right side in the bottom. This option will not appear until you have had a Battle or Spy attack with another player. There you can view the latest Battle Report and Spy Report.

Game Help

When you click on the "Game Help", you will be able to find all the information that you will need right away. The game manual also contains the Wiki for this game and the tables which are also contained in this manual. In the game you can always access all the tables for the game right away. These tables are always the latest and updated ones that are available.


Here you will find the link that makes it possible to contact the support, when you have a problem or need answers to a question. If there are other players who do not follow the Game Rules, you can send a "Request" into support through this link. If you have questions or have found a bug, you can also check on the forum whether there maybe an answer to your question. There you can also ask questions and receive answers from the other players. The log-in data is the same as the one you use for your game account and there is no need to create a new one.

Sector and Sector Map

Island View
World Map

When you click on the sector view, you will see your base and the sector that it is located in. The maximum of 6 bases can be on one sector. They will be marked with circles and your base will appear in light green.

The bases in grey are the ones that cannot be attacked. The bases that appear in white are the ones that you will be able to launch an attack against. You point the mouse over one of the bases, you will see who the base belongs too, how many points the player has, the Alliance they belong too and if they can be attacked.

When you click on a base it will open a small option window (view the screenshot on the right). By clicking on one of the button the following actions can be performed:

  • Swords: you can attack the player
  • Binoculars: you can Spy on the player
  • Note Pad: You can write a message to the player

With a double click on the base you will get the player details of the base.

If you click on the top left hand corner on the globe you will get the Sector map. With this view you will see all the other sectors on the different continents and you can use the mouse to drag and move the map around.

In this view you can see what continent you are in at the moment. By clicking on the arrow on the top you can change to the different continents. Then you can click on a sector to view the details of the bases. On the bottom right hand corner of the sector map is the compass which you can also use to move around in the sector map. In the middle is the Button "HQ" which can be clicked on to go directly back to your headquarters.

Player Profile


You can use the profile to learn the details about any player. You can view a players profile from the sector view by double clicking on the base or on the name in the rankings or in the alliance overview.

In the profile, you can get a lot of information on a player. You can for example see what awards or achievements he has received or which Alliance he belongs too. There is a field for "Personal" information which every player can fill out. There is also a profile picture available on the top right hand side. you will also see the 3 options from the sector view.

Rank List

The rank list is the list of the players and the rank they are currently in the game. On the left hand side you can select the rank list you want to look at. The lists are updated every 30 minutes. There are differences between the ranks of "players by battles" and "players to points". The difference is that the ranks are calculated in a different manner and are based on the last 30 days time period for all the attacks that take place during this time.

Alliances will not be listed in the ranks until there are 10 members present. When you click on an alliance there you will see the overview of the whole alliance. If the alliance has any diplomatic agreements they will be listed in different colors. Green will indicate an ally and blue will indicate a non-aggression-pact. An alliance that appears in red will indicate that you are at war with this alliance.

Here too you can see the players appear in white or grey and see if you can attack. This will show you if you have the points within range to attack.

Sometimes next to a name there will appear different icons:

  • Green Point: The player is on-line
  • Sun: The player is in vacation mode
  • Lock: The player was blocked by the support or has deleted the account

Message system

Here you can send other players messages or read mail that was sent to you. The button "Global Mail" can be used to send a message to every player from your alliance. On the top of the menu you find the Button "DO-News". Here you will receive the latest news and events from the game. For example: Information about new update or sale events.

The number in the menu options on the right on the inbox indicates how many unread messages you have in the mail box. This way it is easier to find unread messages. You will also see them appear on the left side when you first log-in. If you click on one of the messages it will take you directly to the message inbox.

You will also find the Battle, Spy and Trade Reports there. When you have unread messages the envelope on the top will be displayed open with a paper. If there are no messages the envelope will display closed.



If you click on the gear icon on the left hand side it will open the settings for the account. Here you can make your changes and set the options for your game.

In order to be able to upload a profile picture, must you must first load it from a image-host and then place the link it in the open field. If you do not know how to do this ask someone in the forum or ask one of the other players on the chat. On you have the option to upload the image and all you need to do is use the log-in you already have and click on "Community" and then "Image Upload"

The BR and SR reports are automatically sent to the report-center of your alliance. There the report can be seen by all the members of the alliance.

There you can activate or deactivate the tutorial, set the vacation mode or delete your account. The options will be on your left hand side and will also include the mute option if you no longer want to communicate with another player.

Important The information you enter there (except you mobile number) can be seen by all the players. So be careful what information is entered there and make sure it is not offensive. If there is offensive content entered it may result in the account being blocked from the game.

In addition, please make sure the country name and profile pictures are allowed and not offensive to anyone. You will find what is allowed and what is forbidden in the "Game Rules".



On the left you will find the chat. There you can ask any questions or simply meet new people. On the left when you first log-in will say "Welcome to the Rookie Room". On the right hand side you will see the room name and a number right next to it. The number indicates the number of players that are currently in the chat room. You have the option there to change to the different rooms of the chat. Please use the proper room when wanting to trade or look for an alliance. There is a trade room and alliance room for these purposes. It is set up this way so that the main room will not be flooded with too many requests for trades or alliances.

In order to be able to chat you must enter the text on the bottom then hit "Enter". Your game name will appear in blue and the text next to it in white. The other players will be in white and the chat moderators will be in green. You should listen to the moderators, because they are there to help you. If any of the other players are not following the chat rules you should report them to the moderators or send a support ticket.

Please pay attention to the Rules. You can find them on the bottom right hand corner under chat rules or in the wiki here.

The lens at the buttom of the chat can be used to make the chat screen larger or smaller. You can do this by clicking and holding the left click on the mouse on the arrows on the top of the chat and drag the screen of the chat up.

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